Social Media Marketing


B Tech Telecom is a client-centric company dedicated to achieving outstanding results. With a team of skilled marketers, we approach your projects with the same level of commitment and passion as if they were our own. All we ask for is your trust and collaboration as we embark on this journey together to maximize the desired outcomes. Let's commence our work and make remarkable progress together.

Our core focus lies in providing exceptional services to cater to the diverse needs and requirements of our clients.

We exclusively engage in marketing strategies that yield tangible and successful outcomes.


Our expertise in utilizing videos can significantly boost your Facebook fanbase, potentially tripling its size.

How we do it?
  • Our focus is on targeting the highest CPM (Cost Per Mille) rates, ensuring optimal revenue generation and return on investment.
  • We aim to maximize the reach of your content, ensuring it reaches a wide audience and achieves optimal visibility and impact.
  • In addition to agency content, we actively curate and generate original content, ensuring a diverse and engaging content portfolio.
  • We conduct thorough analysis of Facebook’s content monetization guidelines and algorithms to ensure compliance and optimize performance.
  • We promptly adjust our strategies whenever Facebook updates its guidelines or algorithms, ensuring our approach remains up-to-date and aligned with the latest requirements.
What We Work?


Our impressive results speak volumes as we swiftly achieved the milestone of 100 million, experienced a substantial increase in revenue, and made a significant impact on net followers, elevating engagement to 1 million.


Our Social Media Marketing Services offer flexible structures tailored to your needs. With 8 hours of availability per day, we can provide a detailed analysis and assessment of your plan. Save significant costs with our specialized social media services available on-demand. Contact us today for more information.


Video editing encompasses various tasks such as segment trimming, clip re-sequencing, and the inclusion of transitions and special effects. It involves combining multiple video clips from different sources into a cohesive sequence that reflects their intended order of appearance.
Our content specialists have curated a collection of edited videos as prime examples of our work. These videos have been strategically featured alongside original content, with a proven track record of going viral. Their immense popularity has consistently led to a significant increase in views, page growth, and income.
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